Regen Ag Revisited

Regen Ag Revisited

We go back to the site of the Regen Ag Trial at Newry to see how things have gone over the last 18 months.

Show notes

This week, Gerard caught up with dairy farmer Kate Mirams and Regen Ag Agronomist Jade Killoran at Kates farm in Newry, Gippsland.

The pod visited Kate back in August 2019 where along with Jade we discussed the pretty new experiment in regen agriculture that Kate with her husband Pete were embarking on.

Could they grow more feed, retain more water in the soil and sequester carbon all at the same time?

This is a fascinating interview featuring two people across exactly what is happening and what they would like to see in future years - the trial is funded through to 2023.

There is a special 'nerd-athon' section of this pod featuring plenty of data and stats so stay listening stats fans!

Links mentioned in this episode: Video produced featuring interview with Kate and Peter Episode 4 Gippslandcapes -

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